November 7th 2006 at approximately 8:10PM during the altar time after a Refuge service I was sitting there thinking about the Israelites and I was thought to myself “How could the Israelites so easily doubt God even though they saw all those miracles…” And then God was like “After reading all of the miracles that they saw, how could u possibly doubt me?” and I was like, “Dang… uh sorry God…” It was a crazy revelation, I was quite surprised by this response.  God is pretty good at throwing me surprises.  One of the coolest things about God is that He truly is everything, He is so vast, that there will never be a time in this lifetime that He ceases to amaze me. I remember that time because I wrote down the time and date, not wanting to forget this revelation for God…


~ by bharter on August 26, 2007.

4 Responses to “Doubt”

  1. God is love, but get it in writing — Gypsy Rose Lee

  2. it is in writing… 1 John 4:8 – Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

  3. If absolute power corrupts absolutely, where does that leave God? — George Deacon

  4. well it all depends on who says absolute power corrupts absolutely. That was said by man, and in no way is God man, He may have come in the form of a man as Jesus, but nevertheless, God is not bound by what binds man, He is absolute power, but He does not use His power absolutely, by giving us free will He has shown that He is incorruptible. When it is logically thought about, God not existing takes far more faith than Him existing. It is far easier to believe that God made everything than to believe that nothing made everything, that my friend takes a great deal of faith, or stubbornness to believe.

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