Drama – You Raised Me Up

Well the drama this morning went rather smoothly, well maybe not so much for josh, who currently has some welts and got a few good slaps to the face.  Josh was playing the part of Paul, and i was the roman soldier…  he got three good whips, a nasty slap in the face, and a decent shove in both services this morning, and he did a really good job of just taking it.  We were asked how we timed it so well and made everything look so realistic, we responded simply by saying “we really did it, thats why it looked real… it was…” It’s pretty cool, its kinda like suffering for Christ, Josh did a great job this morning.  There were a few awkward moments though, the keyboard was not muted, so when i was covering it, i accidentally hit a key… well im sure u know where im going with this… also at the end the lights didnt fade for a little while, that made things a little awkward, and the lights were trippin out with different colors on andrew, but it was good, i feel it was an affective drama.

God is good, Life is good for many reasons, yet sometimes the only reason life is good is because God is always good.


~ by bharter on September 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Drama – You Raised Me Up”

  1. it was a great drama and you guys did and awesome job! i really like what you said at the end… very true

  2. thx, i enjoy dramas

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