As I Lay Dying

A lot of people are unaware that As I Lay Dying is a Christian band, but these are questions and answers from their FAQ page on their site…

Are you guys Christians in a band or a Christian band?

I’m not sure what the difference is between five Christians playing in a band and a Christian band. If you truly believe something, then it should affect every area of your life. All five of us are Christians. I believe that change should start with me first, and as a result, our lyrics do not come across very “preachy.” Many of our songs are about life, struggles, mistakes, relationships and other issues that don’t fit entirely in the spiritual category. However, all of these topics are written about through my perspective as a christian.


How can you be a Christian band and go on tours with bands who represent themselves as evil, satan worshipers?

We hope to intelligently represent a faith that has been very misrepresented in the entertainment industry. There isn’t much diversity of thought within metal music and I believe it is important for people to understand opposing views before drawing conclusions. I hope other bands and their fans have an open mind and respect for what we are saying, so it’s fair for them to expect the same from us. If truth is the basis of our belief, then the questions other bands/fans have are an important way to understanding what/why we believe. Most of the bands we tour with would never hear a well represented explanation of Christianity if we just stayed home.

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~ by bharter on September 29, 2007.

2 Responses to “As I Lay Dying”

  1. that’s awesome!

  2. their new cd is sick too

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