here is an essay i wrote in school against euthanasia

Brandon Harter

Final Draft

Lupco Spasovski



Euthanasia – Physician assisted suicide, an alternative to pain-control, the desired ending of a life, the easy way out, or murder (International Task Force). Euthanasia is a heavily debated topic that has no easy answer. Though it is killing, the one dying desires to be killed. Is death wrong if the patient wants to die; is it their choice whether or not they want to die? What about when a doctor is helping them commit suicide?

Euthanasia is murder no matter how it is argued; it is the intentional ending of a human life. Ethically murder is wrong, a life shouldn’t be pre-maturely ended for any reason. Life is sacred and shouldn’t be gambled away so easily, especially with medical technology that exists in today’s day and age (American Medical Association).

The American Medical Association believes that patients are not properly informed of the various methods of pain control that are available to them. Medicine in most cases has the power to numb pain, which is a method that can return life to normal, as opposed to simply ending it. The loss of a life is very hard for a family to deal with and it’s even harder when a loved one commits suicide (R.G. Frye). People will sometimes feel that death is the only way to escape their pain, yet in dying them convert their physical pain into emotional pain for the people that cared about them. Patients desire to make this selfish choice unaware that there are other options that can return their lives to the pain free lives they once lived. At times patients are not offered the medicine they need as an option because they are unable to provide the patient with that option (American Medical Association).

Drugs for medical needs must be easier to obtain by doctors and supplied for patients. A patient should be offered any option that can ease their pain, except for death. When it is possible to medically help a patient, it should be done, nothing should not be a hindrance (Department of Medical Ethics).

Suicide is looked down upon in the American society, many organizations strive to persuade people not to end their lives. Death is a depressing incident that should never be caused on purpose. It would be very hypocritical to intentionally help people end their lives yet help others through the circumstances that cause them to want to die. Emotional pain is as severe of an issue as physical pain is, neither of these problems justify suicide (R.G. Frye).

A doctor is supposed to be someone that a patient can always trust. Doctors are supposed to heal their patients, they are expected to provide options that eliminate the pain, but they are also expected to provide an option that elongates their lives, not one that ends it. R. G. Frye states that if doctors are allowed to offer suicide as an option, it will lessen the trust that patients have in their doctors. If a doctor willingly takes some patients lives but willingly saves the lives of others, patients will cease to trust their doctors in a way that they once did. This trust is vital for society, medical needs will always exist, but if patients don’t have faith in the doctors, problems will only increase (American Medical Association).

Euthanasia is not always done with the consent of the patient. If doctors desire to do what is best for the patient, yet they also have the mindset that killing a patient is an option, they will be more likely to want to use euthanasia as a treatment on their patients who are unable to make the decision for themselves (Homepage). Also, doctors may use the method against the patients will, feeling as if they are doing what is best, being the doctor they are assured that their opinion must be the right one. Doctors that kill without consent are doing nothing more that murdering their patients (Dictionary). Patients who are unable to voice their desire may have their loved ones speaking on their behalf, yet this may not be the patient’s desire (Homepage).

Euthanasia is destined to become worse and less voluntary as time goes on. This is evident from The Netherlands where doctors killed without consent. When a doctor was unable to cure a patient, they would often terminate the patient. If a doctor accepts the fact that he can kill a patient, no law will stop him from doing so (Homepage).

Doctors in Holland have and still do perform euthanasia on infants that are disabled. Between fifteen and twenty newborns are murdered a year because the doctors there have been severely corrupted because they’ve been assured that murder is an acceptable means of treatment. These babies clearly do not consent to this death; in no way is it voluntary. These are the sick results of an already horrible medical practice. These doctors have responded by saying that it took courage to end these children’s lives, but nothing could be further from the truth. No only are these doctors making very disturbing and cowardly decisions, but most of these murders are done in secret and never reported. It is illegal to kill a child, yet no doctor in Holland has ever been convicted for this, in fact, no one has even been charged with this felony (Homepage).

Euthanasia does not apply to animals. Some may argue that if it is alright to terminate a dog when it is no longer useful, the same can be applied to humans. This argument is flawed in that a human life cannot be compared to the life of a dog. Though a dog may be a friend or a companion, in no way can it be a human being, it can never be more than an animal. Animals can only be killed not murdered; by definition murder is the killing of another human being, so it doesn’t make sense to try to compare putting down an old pet to euthanatizing an old person or any person for that matter (Dictionary).

The International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide acknowledges that most people don’t want euthanasia even though they may claim to want it. They actually want someone to talk them out of it, they want to feel cared for. If they truly wanted to die they could easily kill themselves painlessly by taking some sleeping pills and putting a bag around their head, but they don’t choose to do this. They fear death, but want a way out. They need someone to be there for them, simply someone that would take care of them in their old age, but this isn’t being provided. Hurting and confused patients ask about just ending their lives and some doctors are all too ready to assist (American Medical Association).

Most people that attempt suicide but are stopped don’t attempt it again. Under 4% will try again in the next five years and less than 11% will try again in the next thirty-five years. Because people don’t attempt suicide again it shows that they want something more, they don’t want death (Homepage). People when they are scared will often make drastic decisions instead of logically thinking them through. Euthanasia should not even be an option for people to consider. If it was not an option people would be forced to find another outlet for their pain, emotional of physical. Emotionally they would have to find a way to cope, whether it be by venting to someone, getting their pain off their chest, or attempting to stop the source of their pain, but not killing themselves. Physically they would be forced to investigate every possible treatment or medicine, the pain would drive them to find a way to end the pain without foolishly ending their lives (Department of Medical Ethics).

History has proved that the world is destined to repeat its mistakes unless it makes a point to learn from them. The holocaust was followed by another wave of mass killing which in time became legal and widely accepted; abortion is now illegal, America failed to learn from Germany that killing the innocent is wrong. Now America must learn from Holland that euthanasia must not be legalized. If it is, it will expand quickly and more people will be numbed furthermore not understanding the gap between right and wrong.


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  1. Wow, that’s a really interesting (and scary) topic! Was this for English?

  2. ya, it was, i hope i got a good grade on it…

  3. I’m supposed to write a letter to congress and my teacher suggested to me that I should address this topic.

    Your paper helped me be more informed on the topic, thanks b.

  4. thats awesome, i really hope it helped, i was happy with it, i kinda like writing now, as long as i care about the topic, wat about that r u gonna write on?

  5. Hey,

    I am glad you shared your paper with the people of the blogosphere. Keep the good stuff comin’

    Lupco 😉

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