I’ve been making this video for quite a few hours now, it’s 3:19 am, I’m almost done, i’m burning the dvd’s now and gonna make a disc image incase i need more copies, i’d make the dvd cover now, but i dont have a color printer…  This video made me cry while making it, funeral videos r so sad to see, but making this one really made me think, i was fighting back tears, then i just couldn’t fight it anymore… it overcame me, it was the most depressing video i had ever worked on, i just hope i did a good job, i want this video to remind the family of all the happy times they had, i prayed that God would use the video and guide me, be praying for the family and pray that they will have uncomprehendable peace and comfort…  God is faithful, and i believe with all of my heart that he is in heaven now, and we will see him again one day, his pain is now over and he’s in a better place… death is never easy to deal with, but God can bring us through anything, keep praying for everyone who knows the family.


~ by bharter on October 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Video”

  1. Sorry, b, that must be though.
    On the plus side, you’re making them remember all of the happy memories they had with him and hopefully that might help them deal a little with their loss.

    I know it must be tough to lose someone to something self-inflicted though. With his eternity crossing their minds and all.
    All we can do is pray.
    And know that God works all things together for the good of those who believe.
    God’s looking out for them and for you.

    That’s good enough to make anyone smile, I think.
    Because the thought that God is on my side, is very comforting.

  2. ya, i truly believe he’s in Heaven, so thats really good, otherwise it would have been a lot harder to do, this project is making me tired though, like a lot of tired…

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