more video…

I’m working on another video of the funeral, i think it looks really good, this one was a lot less depressing to make, but it was kinda depressing to videotape… but i think the video is really gonna mean a lot to the family, and i am happy i can make a difference.  The video is gonna take over 3 hours to export the movie to avi form, i’m using Brian’s comp to work on it, i’m kinda tired, i think i may take a little nap, or my sleep for the night… and start work on the dvd in a couple hours when the video is odne exporting… life is busy and i’m tired, but God is always good… oh ya, and its already going on 2 am… i plan on sleeping a lot today, i need to do some hw and stuff, and roy wants me to get a car wash cause some stuff spilled in my car when he was trying to load it, so i need to do that, i’m pretty exhausted… but im lookin forward to watching chuck and heros tonight, i really like those shows… the movie  We There Yet is on right now, its kinda frustrating… the kids r such brats, its kinda annoying… like a lot… i put this under the ministry topic, it’s pretty random, but the dvd part is intended to be ministry, pray that it helps comfort the family, i really hope it does… once again, God is good…


~ by bharter on October 22, 2007.

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