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Is Lifehouse a Christian Band?
Chris Lutes

One of the guys where I work has a Lifehouse CD. Some of their lyrics seem really Christian, and I love their sound! Are they a Christian band? I have been wondering because I try not to listen to secular music. —Emilie

Let me begin by simply listing a few facts about Lifehouse:

• The band’s songwriter/singer Jason Wade and bassist Sergio Andrade met in Malibu, California, at Vineyard, a non-denominational church.

• Both Jason and Sergio were involved in the church’s youth group and played worship music at the church.

• “Everything,” a song about God’s love written during those early youth group days, appears on the band’s platinum-selling No Name Face CD.

• When Jason was a young boy, his parents were missionaries in Hong Kong.

• Sergio’s parents were also missionaries; his dad has also served as a music minister for a church.

• Jason has said that the Christian band Delirious has had a big influence on his music.

• In the liner notes on No Name Face, Jason thanks God and says: “All this is because of You. All this music came from You and all of it goes back to You.”

• Lifehouse’s CD was reviewed positively in CCM—a Christian music magazine. The reviewer said: “Lifehouse … sports more poetic sense and spiritual insight than most rock bands currently on the traditional Christian circuit.”

So, is Lifehouse a Christian band?

Here’s how Jason has answered the question:

“We are not a ‘Christian band,’ but I’m a Christian, and the bass player [Sergio] is a Christian,” Jason told UCLA’s Daily Bruin Online.

And then in a Rolling Stone magazine interview, Jason said, “My music is spiritually based, but we don’t want to be labeled as a ‘Christian band,’ because all of a sudden people’s walls come up and they won’t listen to your music and what you have to say.”

Jason apparently feels that using the word “Christian” to describe Lifehouse is a turnoff to people. His reason for feeling this way may have something to do with how he felt other Christians treated his family during his parents’ divorce, which took place when Jason was 12.

“[The divorce was] the turning point in my life,” Jason told Rolling Stone. “I really disagree with a lot of things that the church does—the Christian church. Just religion in general, I see a lot of things that seem off. I saw firsthand how someone like my dad—maybe he fell, maybe he made some mistakes—but then people from the church would basically say, ‘You’re going to hell.’ And then turn their back on him. To me, God is all about love and mercy and compassion, and I don’t see a lot of that today.”

While Jason’s words may seem harsh, he speaks as someone who is still hurting deeply from a very difficult time in his life. And it seems that he blames the entire church—when, most likely, only a certain church or a select group of Christians may have treated him and his family wrongly. Let’s just hope and pray that his friends at Vineyard (or whatever Christian fellowship he may now attend) will keep demonstrating God’s love toward him so that his views of the church may soften in time.

I’m honestly not sure what all this says to you personally. You say you only want to listen to Christian bands. And I respect that. Many Christians listen to bands that have values and lyrics which run counter to Christian beliefs. Lifehouse is certainly not one of those bands. And I believe there’s evidence of faith in what they do. I also believe they want to live as decent, moral human beings—something rare in the world of secular music. But if it still bothers you that Lifehouse won’t label itself “Christian,” then you’ll want to avoid listening to them. But even if you make that choice, I hope you’ll extend grace to those who have an opinion that differs from your own.


that is quite a suprise, i thought they were labeled as a Chrsitian band, but i guess not, but some of their songs r no doubt Christian, either way i think they r pretty awesome and i love that song they use in the Dodge Commercial, First Time

i cant embed the video, its not allowed, but u can watch it here…



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  1. wow there’s some really interesting stuff….

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