Black Friday

Well, its 2 am and im still pretty awake, i had an awesome nap today after the homeless outreach.  The outreach went well, i didnt plan on going, but last night God told me otherwise, so i woke up thanksgiving morning and got ready, i was tired and kinda not wanting to go, but once it started i felt useful and like i was really there for a reason, so i’m really glad God told me to go… so that nap was nice, im a little tired now, but i think i’m gonna stay up, go black friday shopping and then go home and pass out for a long while… i wanted to check the apple store online, they sent out an e-mail saying sale prices would  be posted at 12:01, they werent up about 20 mins ago, but they are now, i hope to get a nice deal on my mac and order today, but i doubt that’ll happen, but who knows… God willing… anyways, life is crazy and God is good, Happy Thanksgiving to all…


~ by bharter on November 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “Black Friday”

  1. sounds like an eventful life.
    did your mac order work out?

  2. I think i’m gonna buy it after my next paycheck, i should securely have enough by then

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