ASU Semester Reflection

This is an essay i wrote for my reflection of my first semester in ASU for my ASU 101 class

Brandon Harter

Nick Ashjian

Final Reflection


            I have learned a lot this semester, each class has taught me a lesson.  Many of these lessons had nothing to do with the class itself, they taught me life lessons.  Every class was structured differently, showing me something that I needed to know.  It took me this long to realize it, many of the lessons were right there in front of me, but I didn’t notice until now.

            ASU 101 has taught me about to understand the campus, to learn my way around.  It was the first class I ever took in college, the first classroom I stepped foot into.  I was nervous, concerned about what the class would be like.  ASU 101 isn’t a very descriptive title for a class, it left a lot be the imagination.  I expected a waste of time, a class where I came, sat, and then left.  Unexpectedly I learned business ethics.  I learned more about which decision are right and which ones are wrong.  I learned about business etiquette, how to act in a business environment.  I learned how to present myself if I want my boss to be impressed.  Business is becoming a global environment, it is no longer limited my space or gender.  I’ve learned how to act in a professional setting.  I had no idea that ASU 101 would teach me about business fundamentals.

            Communications also taught me much more than I expected it to.  I felt that I was more than capable of speaking and I still feel that way, but there were many subtle things that I didn’t know and had overlooked.  That class taught me some of the same things that ASU 101 taught me.  It taught how to act and communicate appropriately in public and professional settings.  However, unlike ASU 101, COM 100 also taught me much about how to communicate in private and nonprofessional settings.  That class taught me about relationships, large and small, professional and private.

            English 101 took it one step farther.  It brought me confidence in my writing.  I’ve learned many critical aspects of writing that I had previously overlooked.  There have been great improvements in nearly all forms of writing in my papers.  I’ve made great strides in my grammar, punctuation, flow, and sentence structure.  My writing now as a whole is presented much more clearly and with far less errors.  I learned to believe that I could write a good essay, because I believed that I could write a good paper I did.  With each passing essay my writing skills grew stronger.  I now feel that I can speak, act, and write in a way that will impress prospective employers and prepare me for a more successful future.

            CIS 220 taught me so much about how to function once in a business position.  A computer and information science class was exactly what I needed to know how to run programs that are used in professional business settings.  This class focused on Microsoft Visio, Access and Excel.  Visio and Access didn’t teach me too much, but Excel did.  I’ve learned how to write programs to calculate difficult equations to do large amounts of work for me.  I am already using what I have learned to manage a budget for a coffee shop at my church.  This software is powerful when used correctly.  It can set up formulas where it automatically calculates revenue, cost, and profit.  This knowledge on top of knowing how to act, speak, and write taught me how to fully operate in a professional setting.

            MAT 210 taught me a lot other than math.  Brief calculus was a very difficult class, but by taking it online I learned a lot.  I was use to the structure that I had in my others classes, but this class was unstructured and unexpected.  Assignments would be posted without warning through e-mail.  I was use to checking my e-mail to be reminded of random assignments that came up so I missed a few assignments in MAT 210.  I learned from this class that I needed to expect the unexpected.  It is my job to check when something comes up and not the teacher’s job to inform me.  This can also be applied to the business world.  If I want my boss to be pleased with my performance I should do my best find out all I can without the boss having to remind me.  I should use all of my resources before assuming that a job is done.

            Each class this semester has taught me a lesson that I can directly apply to the business world.  I’ve learned etiquette and how to present myself in a business world as well as in private conversations.  My writing in all forms has been significantly improved, I feel more confident in my writing so I will be able write in a way that will impress my employers.  I’ve learned how to use the programs that I will need in the business world.  The most important thing I learned was to always expect the unexpected and to use all of my resources to solve a problem.


~ by bharter on December 3, 2007.

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