Business Etiquette

I wrote this for ASU 101 about Business Etiquette

Brandon Harter

Nick Ashjian

Business Etiquette Lecture Replacement

            Business Etiquette is probably the most important aspect dealing with the business world.  People do not care what you know or can do if you can’t act correctly in business situations.  Failure to present oneself appropriately in the business atmosphere ensures prospective employers that a better prospective employee is out there.  By not doing the right thing in etiquette others will doubt your effectiveness in other aspects as well.  Etiquette is a main part of business in society, it is often the determining factor in deals and hiring employees.

            Gender is no longer something that is differentiated in business, men and women are viewed equally in business settings.  A proper handshake is necessary when meeting or greeting a fellow businessperson or boss.  The necessary details of a good handshake are to hold the person’s hand firmly, regardless of gender, shake no more than three times while maintaining eye contact and a positive appearance.  Etiquette is really appearance, how you present yourself.  It is how you act, what you wear, what you say, not what you think, but doing the expected thing.

            Attire is a big part of presenting yourself adequately.  Certain things are expected to be worn at work, and certain things aren’t.  Knowing what to wear and when to wear it is vital.  However it doesn’t have to be completely uniform, it is alright to slightly alter the norm to show that you understand business etiquette and also want to show a little bit of who you are.  A lot can be portrayed though clothing.  What is portrayed may not always be completely accurate, so choosing what you wear can be a large tool in presenting yourself, especially when wanting to make a good first impression.

            Many things affect how someone is viewed and handled in the professional business world.  It is important to thoroughly know your information, but if you fail to present yourself correctly, you have failed altogether.  Etiquette is the deciding factor and carries much weight in what decisions are made in the business world.


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