Global Marketplace

This is an essay I wrote for ASU 101 on the Global Marketplace.

Brandon Harter

Nick Ashjian

Global Marketplace Secession Replacement

                Globalization is something that has been brought forth and flourished through the increase in technology.  As technology continues to expand, so will the Global Marketplace.  As long as modernization and westernization grow, so will the global marketplace.  Modernization is upgrading technology and the standards of living.  Westernization is when Eastern countries try to emulate of imitate the Western nations.  The world has become more and more equal technologically opening many doors for international trade.

                Many items bought and sold in America were not made in America.  Many were made in Asian countries.  As technology is created in other countries it is quickly spread around the world.  Foreign goods may come at a high cost, but today’s culture is willing to pay these high prices to be as technologically savvy as possible.  We live in a day and age where nearly everything is automated from ATM machines to new car stereos.

                There are many arguments that support and oppose a global market system.  Some believe that a global marketplace will raise the standard of living around the world, making the world as a whole a better, more advanced place to live.  They feel that a global market will introduce them to other cultures and enrich their knowledge of foreign societies.  On the other hand some people feel that it will make the world too much alike, diluting other cultures and making everything the same.  They also fear that jobs will be lost among some of the richer cultures, than man will be replaced with machine, while the poor cultures will become even poorer being unable to compete in a technology driven world.

                Some companies have already taken a leap into the global marketplace and can be found all over the world.  Stores such as Wal-Mart and McDonalds are no longer only found in America, they have extended their business all over the world.  These companies not only provide for their customers, but they also provide many jobs both in America and abroad, which is a strong argument for global marketing.  A business expanding so vastly proves that worldwide expansion is possible in a technology advancing world.


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