k, heres the thing, my bro and mom like deal or no deal, it kinda drives me nuts… like seriously, no one ever wins the money, and they take a 3 min game and stretch it out for 30.  I want u to know right here, i’m not made, i’m kinda laughing as i write this, but it’s time to rant…

Here we go, i think someone sat down one day and was like, oh crap, we’re running out of good television shows, i got an idea, people could pick 20 random numbers and maybe win a lotta money… crap, but that wont take very long, know, i got an idea, every couple cases we’ll go to commercial, we’ll make more money and take up time, man, but that’s still now enough. Wait, sex sells, add a bunch of women… great idea.  everyone loves mystery, add a random guy in a red room, never show his face… man, this just keeps getting better, now we still need more filler… wat to do, wat to do… wait, i met this one guy, Howdy or Howey or Honey or something.  He just keeps talking, ya know, when someone says a lotta stuff, but there is truly no meaning in the words… ya, it’s like that…  But how do we make them never win all the money? wiat, america is super greedy, we gotta give them unlikely odds so they’ll go for it, but always lose.

So watta we got here? greedy people making poor choices, a lotta pointless talking, plenty of commercials, women in small dresses, mystery.  It’s great.

If I got on that show, it’d go a little something like this…

“K, Howdy, i want case 1… i get 5 choices now right? no stalling, lets see wats in cases 2-6, show me my offer and let me pick a few more cases…”

These have been my thoughts on Deal or no Deal


~ by bharter on January 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “DEAL OR NO DEAL… THE LOW DOWN”

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! u are very right in my opinion. My family has thought that way about the show since we saw it. i like the way you said it i laughed.

  2. i love to laugh at the people when they loose all the money because they are so stupid!!!!

  3. HAHA!
    i love playing it online though.
    it’s way intense.
    there are no women.
    and the breaks are every five cases but it just pops up with a number.
    it’s sooo… suspenseful.

  4. This definitely made my day 🙂

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