Mi Amiga

Ok, i think I’ve come up with a new thing that I want to do on my blog. I want to write about my friends and people who really make a difference in my life. I realize most of them will never read it, but I intend to write it anyways. I will try to write about one person a week, but we’ll see how often i actually get around to it…

I shall start with my good friend Patrice Gutierrez. She is a pretty awesome person, she has a compassion that far surpasses most people i know. I am always impressed with how God uses her to make a difference in the lives of others. The way that she prays is moving. When you hear her pray it is evident that she truly cares and has a burden for others. Her heart is truly in what she does. Not to mention that she owns a mac… Pretty good decision if you ask me. But on a more serious note, She is a pretty good friend, she puts other before herself. She really just cares. I don’t think i could do her justice in a blog post… so I’ll leave it at that… oh ya, and Bahahahahaha, and wonderfun, and bag-o-money, oh boy 3am!, cliche… ok, i could probably go on for a while, but i shall end now…

I am not sure who I will write about next, perhaps Richie Lopez, or Natalie Borges, hhmmm… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see


~ by bharter on March 20, 2008.

One Response to “Mi Amiga”

  1. oh oh Richie Richie Richie!!! He’s staying at my house and man he is such a cool man of God, like he is always telling me about these books he reads and it always is challenging, its crazy the way God used him in my life and in others, awww hes so cool. by the way i love the idea of your blog, and if i knew any cool word to say id put it righhhhtttt… here. but i dont

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