Life is busy, I got a lot going on, yet, it seems that sometimes it is nice to just do nothing.  At times I seem anxious…  Well today I got a pretty nice nap in, that was pleasant.  Now I am just bored though, I do not know what I feel like doing.  Earlier I watched Blade Trinity.  It was a good movie, I really enjoyed it.  I got a few things I need to do today, but I dont really feel like doing any of them.  I need to register for pvcc, I also need to find out if sociology will transfer to asu.  If so I want to take it online…  I also still need to read my bible, and I never finished reading Velvet Elvis, I really need to finish that…  I also need to do some writing, I am looking forward to that though, that should be enjoyable.  I guess I am just looking at it with a negative attitude, I am very blesses, very much so.  So I will be happy, life isn’t exactly how I want it to be, but I know God has His timing, and in time, everything is going to be perfect.  I am still tired.  Prayer was pretty great last night.  I enjoyed it.  Well, I got stuff to do, I will write more later…


~ by bharter on June 1, 2008.

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