My day…

It was a good day, I enjoyed it throughly, I didn’t work, so that was nice.  It was a very long day though, it is almost 2:30 am now, and I gotta ask myself why I am still awake, I am watching the Bourne Supremacy.  Earlier I watched the Bourne Identity.  Brett spent the night last night and we watched the Simpsons, we watched more Simpsons this morning…  It was good, and easy day.  My mom made a great dinner, pot roast and mashed potatoes.  I read some great blogs today, that was sweet, nice stuff.  I also listened to some pretty amazing music.  I did some good writing, it was nice.  I am rather tired now.  Tonight for the first time I streamed my discipleship group through uStream.  Man, having a mac is awesome, it was a pretty great discipleship group.  We had a good amount of discussion, I really enjoyed it.  My best friend watched it online, that was pretty encouraging 🙂  My discipleship group will be broad casted most Thursdays at I’m pretty excited about streaming it.  Technology is powerful… very much so.  On day I am going to be a pastor, so this is pretty great preparation.  I think I am going to put flyers on the doors in my neighborhood and start a weekly Bible Study at the park, it will be pretty sweet, I ask for your prayers in this.  I need guidance and favor, man, God is good.  I am patiently awaiting the greatest blessing of my life, and the wait is going surprisingly well.  I am the most blessed man alive.  I am so thankful for my Lord and Savior, and all of His wonderful gifts ❤ Well buenas noches amigos, yo estoy muy cansado. Goldfish. 36:21:24:00


~ by bharter on June 6, 2008.

One Response to “My day…”

  1. very nice day, sounds relaxing. that is an awesome idea for outreach (about the bible study in the park). you’re doing your part in trying and God’s going to see that and be even MORE pleased with you…because i know he already is stinkin proud and amazed at you and all the sacrifice and work you do..i can’t imagine how much joy you bring Him…but i think i know someone you bring more to and understands also… go Brandon! 🙂

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