Today is the 4th of July

… But that is not what I wanted to talk about.  I got a bunch of random stuff to talk about today, well for one, I’m excited for MC Grad in 8 days, and for the banquet in 7 days, it will be nice… 🙂 ❤ I am happy.  I know a few other individuals who share in my happiness.  It will be a good day, Goldfish.  I do love goldfish.  I am pretty tired, I was up later than I expected to be, but that is alright.  It was nice having a paid day off, I do quite enjoy those.

So today I did some editing on photos.  I have learned to love automator.  I learned to downsize photos with automator.  I copied the files I wanted to downsize to another folder and selected them all.  I started by opening automator and going under library and clicking Files and Folders.  Then double clicking or dragging Get Selected Finder Items to the work space on the right.  Then under library I selected Photos and double clicked on Scale Images or drag it to the work space under Get Selected Finder Items.  It offers the choice Add, or Don’t Add.  You can choose the pixel size of the images.  I selected Don’t Add because I already made copies of the pictures, if you didn’t make copies, you may want to choose Add.  Then under Library click Utilities and double click or drag View Results over to the work space.  Then in the top right corner click Run.  That’s it, it’s pretty cool.

I do miss my best friend, I am excited! Soon, it won’t be much longer now… Life is good and God has a lot of favor on us, it is sweet.  God continues to show us His favor.  I am happy, most of the time, I get anxious and depressed, but that is temporary.  Soon that will be over ❤ So stinkin excited! It is da best!  You are quite incredible my dear.  Wow, I didn’t even realize I wrote my dear, BAHAHAHAHAHA, it just came out that way…  funny 🙂  Ok, I just enjoyed a nice distraction, oh, I want to write about Proverbs 5:20, I think I may do that later tonight 🙂  But for right now, I am done writing ❤


~ by bharter on July 5, 2008.

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