Way Awesome

Way Awesome

I have a program on my mac called MacOSaiX.  Nice and creative, even the title is creative.  Mac OSX tunred into Mosaic 🙂 Well this program works well…  And can be adjusted to multiple intensity settings.  Of course I chose to set it as high and indepth as possible 🙂  That is how I do things, wanting them to be as big as possible.  Faster processor, bigger hard drive, more ram.  Well I set the mosaic at the most possible pictures, being repeated an unlimited amount of times.  It took a few days running this on and off to get the final result of 40,000 tiles, making one cool mosaic of me and Patrice 🙂  I thought this was pretty sweet, and worthy of hitting the internet.  I love Patrice so much!!!!!  I do enjoy creating for her 🙂


~ by bharter on September 14, 2008.

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