Patrice’s 20th Birthday!!!!

Well today was Patrice’s 20th birthday. It was a pretty good day. We did our normal Sunday routine, teach Sunday school and go to church. But then we broke away from our regular Sunday routine. Just to be fair, I guess this story starts at 12:00 midnight when her birthday actually began. That is when I gave her her birthday present, that’s right, a brand spankin new CAR!!! Just kidding… It was a 16GB iPod Touch!!!!!!!!! With custom engraving!!! Check it out, I like it.

Patrice's iPod

Oh and here is the one that she got me for Christmas 🙂

My iPod

Ok, so we were up kinda late, but I don’t blame her, when she got me an iPod Touch for Christmas, I spent quite a while playing with it. I must admit, I have lost many hours learning how things on it work and understanding it more. There are some really great apps 🙂 Anyways, back to the story… I got Patrice an iPod Touch for her birthday, she likes it a lot, and is actually playing with it right now while she should be studying (although she does seem pretty ready for her final). I registered the iPod for her, set up her email accounts, and added it to our wireless network before giving it to her, then I very carefully put it back inside it’s packaging. I had it gift wrapped from Apple so I had to be extra careful. I did pretty good, you really couldn’t tell that it had been opened. So after that she went home and I got ready for sleep. This morning we did our routine, Children’s and church. Then we went home. I was wearing jeans, which I do not enjoy 😦 But I did it… So I didn’t have my wallet, jeans pockets are just too small for an iPod, wallet, keys (I have a lot), flash drive, and a knife. So today I left the wallet, flash drive, and knife at home… So we went home, got my wallet and headed over to Red Robin. I had a Monster Burger, really good, and Patrice had a classic burger, it was also good. Dang, they have good ranch and honey mustard. The endless fries are amazing… We also had some blueberry drink that was pretty great. It was a good day. After that she studied more for her final and I have been taking it easy. Patrice said that this was her best birthday, that was pretty encouraging. It reminds me that I am doing something right. I love her so much.




~ by bharter on May 11, 2009.

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