CSHS Grad 2009

Well last night me and Patrice went to see Rachel Bonk and Megan O’Connell graduate from high school. I understand that it is busy and can be a little hectic, I have no problem with that. However, the one lady working the event was just so rude… We needed to give Richie something. He was there way earlier and had seats on the ground. I was walking in to give him his stuff and I was stopped. I was told that I couldn’t go in. I said ok, and that I was just waiting for a friend. Well you would assume that this answer would be accepted, although not for this lady, I was informed that I was being very rude… Anyways, we stepped back a foot to technically be out of the room, this was accepted, go figure and Richie showed up.

Me and Patrice spent a while looking for seats. None on the ground floor. None of the second floor. None on the third floor. Well I just so happened to see a good place looking over the stage, only problem was there were no chairs. Luckily I found a few behind a curtain. We took our seats and watched some Simpsons on my iPod. Graduations can be very boring. We say Rachel and Megan walk. I was getting kinda bored so I tried to spot Richie. He was finally able to see me, I told him I was laying on a box under a black clothe looking out. Well it turns out that this clothe just happened to be about a foot below the screen. That’s right, this prime spot I found was actually just underneath the screen. Well as if this wasn’t exciting enough as we were leaving Patrice found a back exit, it just happened to exit onto the stage. By then the event was over, but leaving off of the stage was still pretty funny. Overall it was an interesting night.


~ by bharter on May 23, 2009.

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