My first snowboard!!!!!!!!

Well yesterday was a pretty good day for me 🙂 I bought. my first snowboard. I bought it at a garage sale for $105. I was on my way to grab some taco bell with my beloved Patrice and I saw the sign for the sale, I decided that I would stop by on our way back. Yesterday was our 10 month anniversary which is way more important than a snowboard! But still, it was pretty exciting to buy this board.


The lady was asking for $125 but I didn’t have that on me, but seeing as it was a garage sale, I figured that I would see if she would lower the price. The board was her son’s and he had grown out of it, so I hoped that she would be eager to get rid of it. Well I was right. I told her I didn’t have $125 and she asked what I had. I told her I had $105, she asked if Patrice had any money. I thought that was kinda funny, and a little nervy… but Patrice didn’t have cash. Then the lady said ok, she would sell if for $105. I handed her the money, took my new board and headed back to my car. Did I mention that it wasn’t just a board for $105? It was the board, boots, and bindings 🙂


The lady told me that the board cost $300. I wasn’t sure what it really costs, but I figured that this was a decent price for just boots and bindings, so I was pretty happy to get this deal. I looked online and the cheapest Nitro board I found was over $200 and some were more than $500, so I believe her that she originally paid over $300. The board was just my size, so that was great and the boots were a perfect fit.


All in all, it was a pretty sweet find, and I am happy about it.


~ by bharter on June 7, 2009.

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