Twitterfon vs Tweetdeck

So, I am still running an older version of Twitterfon 🙂 I didn’t update to the version that added ads, so that is nice. So I was just wondering what you guys think, Twitterfon or Tweetdeck?


Twitterfon is limited to the iPhone, while Tweetdeck is also a desktop application. I really like Twitterfon, with the exception of the ads they added, but the paid version does not contain ads. I like that Tweetdeck has the ability to create your own columns. So for now I have both installed, but what do you guys think?


~ by bharter on June 18, 2009.

11 Responses to “Twitterfon vs Tweetdeck”

  1. I just got a new laptop and accidentally synched twitterfon with no old version on my new laptop. I hate the new twitterfon. I like the old twitterfon sans ads better than tweetdeck. The color is distracting on tweetdeck and whenever you open it, it takes you to the top. The old twitterfon was almost perfect and I was very happy until this unfortunate accident. Keep the old twitterfon and be happy.

    • I have yet to see twitterfon with ads. I now back up all of my apps in case I update something and the only “NEW FEATURE” is an ad. Just an FYI, all versions of apps have a slightly different name. (Ex. TwitterFon 1.4.6.ipa or TwitterFon 1.4.7.ipa) so you can just copy all apps into a folder, then when you update and you don’t like an update, remove it from your iPhone/iPod, remove it from iTunes. Then copy the old one back into iTunes and re-add it to your device. That is a bummer that you don’t have your old copy to get it from. Can you get it from your old computer or do you no longer have it?

  2. Thanks Brandon. I don’t have access to my old machine unfortunately. I may pick up an external drive to pick up everything off the machine, but I can manage without Twitterfon. I updated the new app once before and if you catch it before synching, you can just delete twitterfon from your iphone and resync. The new free Twitterfon is terrible…the ads kick in on the bottom or top of the screen after only a brief scrolling delay…almost unusable. Tweetdeck is ok, but I liked pre-ad Twitterfon much better for simple twitter.

    • Matt,

      I know this is probably exactly what you don’t want to hear and I agree that it sucks. But I am pretty sure that for $5 you can pick up their “Pro” version which does not have ads. Once again, sorry you don’t still have the pre-ad versions. That happened to me with a few games… checkers, chess and a few others. I felt that aim was worth sacrificing the ad free interface for push services. However, I think most of the apps don’t add enough in their updates for me to want to update to an ad-supported version. An external drive would work great for backing your apps. You can even do it on the same drive, just a separate folder. A flash drive might be too risky with how suddenly they die without warning. If tweetdeck did an update that automatically scrolled to the first unread tweet I would probably use it alone. I really like how it allows you to create groups. Twitterfon is just so clean though, at least the old version. Once again, I know this sucks, but I believe that for $5 you can have the old twitterfon back, with some new features. I would definitely read the reviews first, but that is at least an option…

  3. Yeah, I haven’t ruled that out, but it is hard for me to shell out $5 to the source of my angst…also, I would want to do the research of the best paid apps to run with an app that is going to be there for the long haul. And I don’t want to reward Twitterfon for a bad implementation of ads…the first round of ads was much less invasive. May end up doing that anyway. I have been suffering with tweetdeck (I actually hate the fact that you can’t view the tweet detail in landscape along with the color scheme and where it puts you on the page when you launch). I also kind of like Nambu. Stay tuned.

    • I just looked it up on the app store. It looks pretty cool. Keep us updated on how you like it.

  4. I may also have a look at Tweetie. They never scorned me and it is $2.99. But I am not a huge fan of paying to download an app to try it out.

    • Hopefully this gives you an idea of what exactly Tweetie can do. This review is from February, so there may be newer updates, but hopefully this will give you an idea of whether or not Tweetie is worth your $3. I have not actually tried it, so I hope the video helps.

  5. Brandon, pardon my ignorance about how iTunes works, but if i have a friend with a pre-ad version of twitterfon or my old machine, can I grab that folder and load it on my machine, delete the app from my phone and resynch?

    • Yes sir. However, your friend would have to authorize you on thier itunes account. Each itunes account can be authorized to play music, video, apps, anything on up to 5 computers. so if they have not already authorized 5 computers, then you can grab a song that they bought on itunes and drop it in your library. Try to play it, it will tell you that you are not authorized to play it and ask you to authorize your computer. Their email will pop up and ask for their password. See if your buddy will either tell you their password of come over and type it in for you. But after that, if you delete your twitterfon, then drag their copy onto your itunes it will sync with your device and you will have the old copy again. Let me know if it work 🙂 of if your have any questions.

  6. Twitterfon is back. I didn’t install an update, but the ad is only at the top now. Very nice to have it back. TF has inline URL with landscape, click URL directly from tweet, different color for new posts and it leaves you where you left off. I am no longer using tweetdeck on the iPhone. Yay!

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