Restore apps, music, movies, etc from iphone/ipod touch

Well I reformatted my hard drive the other day, reinstalled OS X and was up and running again.

Background info

I had a hard drive failing and was still under apple care.  I took it in, they gave me a new hard drive and upgraded me for free to Snow Leopard.  I was happy and restored from my Leopard Time Machine backup.  All was not well.  It ran poorly and continued to get worse, when I couldn’t take it anymore I erased the hard drive and started a new.  I had already backed up my music, but it turned out I hadn’t backed up my apps.


This solutions is actually pretty simple, it took me a little while to find it, but now that I did, it is transferring them as I write this:

All you have to do is right click your iDevice and click on Transfer Purchases:

This will transfer anything you have purchased from iTunes, apps, music, movies, music videos.  Even the free ones.

Now this is great and all, but what about music you didn’t buy from iTunes, well for this I suggest turning to a third party app, like Music Rescue, Senuti, PodtoMac, or PodtoPC.  There are not as many free ones as there used to be but some offer fully functional trials.  I have been a fan of Music Rescue since it’s beginning, it is paid but fully functional free, just it has some nags.

I hope this solves your problem.  If only Apple made it easier to backup and restore your iTunes data.


~ by bharter on April 25, 2010.

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